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Modern men are starting to have an increased interest for their bodies. Well defined muscles are no longer the results a physical job but they are an indicator of a disciplined individual that takes care of himself. However having a perfectly sculptured

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Sports where girls are as good as boys
Sometimes it’s hard to think but girls can be equally good as boys in sports. However, in the past time, they weren’t even allowed to practice a lot of them, if not any at all. But girls all around the world started to defy common belief that they are too soft, not athletic enough or......
Posted on 09-01-2019
How Can Sports Help People Who Struggle With Addiction?
This may sound unlikely, but it is true in all sense of the word: you can battle addiction successfully through sports. There are several studies in support of this assertion. Bear in mind, however, that sports are more of a preventive approach to substance abuse than a treatment method.  If you are on a recovery......
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How is your workout improving your mental health?
When you hear about staying healthy and having a lifestyle that will ensure a well-being, most of the times it refers to your physical health. However, when it comes to having a healthy mind not so many people know the importance of it and do not take it seriously thinking that being stressed and anxious......
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Turning your garage into a fully equipped gym
Don’t you have the time or the money to go to a real gym? How about having your personal gym at home, without worrying about anything else? All you have to do is preparing for a big investment that will last years from now on. Your garage can turn into the best gym you ever......
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Beginner’s guide: facts to consider when shopping for supplements
  Supplements represent a common choice for many people, whether they want to increase muscle mass or boost strength, shed more pounds faster or enhance brain power. In fact, you can use these products even for curing a hangover. There are many types of supplements, but when it comes to exercise, you can only resort......
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