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Aug 20

Treatments with LASER against aging

LASER technology (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) proved to be effective in anti aging and rejuvenation treatments, in resurfacing of the face skin and sometimes of hands and neck’s skin. The light energy of this wave is absorbed by the water of the living cells and trains the cell destruction. In other words it is produced a vaporization of the upper layers of the skin.

Although known for more than 30 years (argon laser, ruby laser, copper laser etc.) for anti aging treatments are used two types of lasers: CO2 laser treatments and Erbium laser (YAG). There methods thin the wrinkled skin making the wrinkles to appear shallow. Recently a new type of equipment with pulsed milder light appeared.

CO2 laser technology is stronger producing “the wipe” of wrinkles which appear around eyes and mouth or anywhere on the face. It also wipes the “aging spots” and some post acne scars. It has also an important component of thermal aggression which means that it is produced a strong reddening of face which lasts for several months. This makes the CO2 laser treatment recommended especially for persons with a pale skin complexion.

Erbium laser (YAG) is “cold” and although less powerful and slower than CO2 laser it allows a faster recovery and can be used for all skins (blonde, half breed, olive or dark) and not only on face, neck and hands but almost anywhere on the body. This kind of treatment is more expensive that the first one.

Laser anti aging treatments needs local anesthesia with anesthetic cream and prior anti herpetic therapy. Some prior therapies could lead to delay or counter indication of the laser resurfacing method. The laser pencil transforms the treated skin into a white powder which is removed then. The session lasts 20 minutes for eyes and mouth region and 40-50 minutes for the whole face. After the treatment the burning and inflammation sensations need antibiotic creams and mineral water sprays.

Although laser brings an additional youth and freshness to the skin by stimulating the collagen production it couldn’t substitute the chirurgical lifting or other aesthetic treatments. Sun protection with anti screen creams and lotions against spots is needed for several months after the treatment. The most frequent complications which could appear are pigmentation disorders (skin discolorations or pigmentation), healing disorders, herpes or persistent redness.


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