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Aug 1

Treatments for Insomnia

Insomnia is a very common condition among members of modern society. People with a program of sleep, disturbed, and digestive diseases are exposed and may experience depression and anxiety. Although many people resort to sleeping pills, in most cases they are unnecessary, insomnia being caused by a disordered lifestyle.

Initially, the treatments for insomnia is to correct vicious behavior and application of rules of sleep hygiene. Thus, insomnia can be controlled, avoiding consumption of coffee, energy drinks, chocolate and black tea before bedtime. Meanwhile, there are some recommended activities before bedtime, such as bath, reading, meditation and listening to relaxing music.

Exercises can also contribute to improve the quality the sleep, the condition is to be made at least six hours before bedtime. The computer and TV are the other factors damaging the sleep.

Light computer acts as a stimulant on the nervous system. Over time, those who watch TV the moment they get home after a day of computer use, may experience depression, anxiety and memory problems.

Also, the meals taken at late hours can cause sleep disorders. If lifestyle improvements and better organization of it fails, then the patient may resort to medication.

Doctors say that sleeping pills are administered only in certain situations, and the dosage must be very small. More specifically, the patient should take pills only two or four times a week, and the period of administration should be a maximum of four weeks.

However, treatments for insomnia should not be stopped suddenly to avoid insomnia return. In case of chronic insomnia, hypnotic drugs your doctor may recommend as a type of sleeping pills with fast action.

Experts warn that patients need to resort to this treatment only under the supervision of physicians, hypnotics having many side effects.

Aerobics, one of the most vigorous types of exercise, you can get rid of insomnia: beside well being that gives, exercise can bring you a good night sleep.

Another aspect that you must keep in mind is the sleep environment. Light too bright, the darkness of the room or noise can disturb and that’s why you must ensure that the environment is one corresponding to your needs and habits.

Mattress, linens and pillows are very important for people who have trouble sleeping. The discomfort will cause less frequent moments when you try to sleep.

There may be some others treatments for insomnia, but the most important thing is to not ignore the symptoms and to find the appropriate help.


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