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Nov 5

Skin Care

The skin is the biggest organ of human’s body. It has a very important role because through it we can be in touch with the environment, but it also represents a big and important part of our image, our physical aspect. In order to look good and have a healthy skin, we must take good care of it.

The following skin care tips should be kept, I can tell, very strictly of all ladies in order to have a healthy, firm and hydrated skin.

The first tip in skin care, all women should keep is to not smoke and not drink alcohol because it is known that tobacco and alcohol helps prevent premature aging – cigarette smoke, dry skin and make it yellow.

The second tip is one of the most important because it refers to moisturize skin. And how do you moisturize your skin, by not consuming plenty of fluids. It is recommended at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Take care of your skin when you exposed it to high or low temperatures. Since this will be a very hot summer, it is recommended not to expose the sunlight when they are very strong. It is advisable to wear hats on head and UV protection creams.

Sleep is another very important element for keeping skin young and doctors recommend sleeping because in its absence, the skin will look tired and you know the consequences: dark circles, tired eyes.

Vitamins and minerals also help keep skin to be young and elastic. And if you do not want to take medicines, eat more fruits, which will provide the necessary vitamins.

Diets is an important factor in maintaining skin healthy and therefore you should eat fruits, vegetables and salad, no soda, sweets and excess fat.

Another tip is to clean and moisturize regularly. Do not sleep with makeup on, because the skin will dry out and will grow old. But you should know that excessive washing of the face can lead to the appearance of dry skin and dermatitis.

Facial massage is also important in maintaining skin care elasticity, leading to increased skin circulation and therefore to have a beautiful skin.

Whatever the season, dry skin represents a big trouble. If you manage to hide under pants or warm clothes during the winter, in the summer it is exposed in a large proportion. To avoid cluttered appearance of dry skin, follow these advices.


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