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Jul 20

Products and vitamins for improving your eyesight naturally

More and more often we hear about processes and products meant to improve the eyesight because people realized that they can improve or keep their sight in a naturally way, through a proper diet, a preventive behavior and through programs for maintenance of the visual acuity. You’ll find bellow some products and vitamins for improving your eyesight naturally well known for their effectiveness in improving the eyesight naturally.

Luteine is a carotenoid which is transformed by our body in antioxidant. For eyesight, lutein is the most important carotenoid and is located in the retina’s center. A study demonstrated that a diet poor in lutein sharply increase the risk of developing cataracts. We find it in a number of aliments as spinach, broccoli and peas.

Cranberries are well known around world as fruits which help improving of the eyesight on night time. During the World War II cranberries jam was introduced in British pilot’s diet due to their quality to sustain the visual acuity during the night. The cranberries effect is that of strengthening the blood vessels walls enhancing thus the eyeball’s blood circulation, the result being healthy eyes.

Vitamin A (especially from carrots) Everyone learned even since childhood that eating carrots is maybe the most naturally way for improving the eyesight and for having an eagle’s sight. The carrot contains carotenoid named beta carotene. The human body transforms the beta carotene in Vitamin A which is a very important antioxidant and this substance is very important for having healthy eyes. Thus, Vitamin A helps the eyes to react better to sudden changes of luminosity, to maintain a certain degree of moisture for the eyes, prevents the cataract formation and the loose of the eyesight with age.

Vitamin C is as well mentioned between the most important antioxidants and that’s why it has a special role in improving the eyesight naturally. The most important effects are related to cataract’s prevention and reduction of the ocular pressure if a person suffers from glaucoma.

Although studies demonstrated the efficiency of the remedies presented above as adjuvant in different eye disorders, a prevention program with a diet which includes these natural products and vitamins for improving your eyesight naturally can be miraculous for eye’s health.


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